Wholly Water

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Naming and visual identity for a premium holistic water brand.

We’re thrilled to complete the branding project for the Wholly Water brand. We’ve successfully created a brand identity that reconnects water as a divine resource capable of healing.


The journey of discovery came from the founder’s vision––the challenge of redefining water and its significance in people’s lives.

We crafted a visually captivating logo embodying the desired spiritual and holistic essence. The logo symbolizes the mind, body, and spirit interconnectedness with water. We also developed a cohesive visual identity using tranquil color palettes, calming typography, and imagery that evokes a sense of well-being.

Nowadays, with the packaging, climate challenges, and plastic pollution in the ocean and the body. We had much to consider regarding the packaging and material solution we decided to use.

We landed on glass for its purity, recyclability, and the fact that it leaks no micro-plastic into the water. The packaging evokes a sense of spirituality and healing, emphasizing the importance of environmental protection. It enhances the customer experience while showcasing Wholly’s dedication to ecological sustainability. 

We developed compelling and meaningful brand messaging communicating Wholly Water’s unique selling proposition. “The message in the bottle” emphasizes the healing properties of water and the significance of sustainable practices. We crafted engaging taglines (BE STILL™), product descriptions, and website copy that resonate with your target audience, inspiring them to connect with the brand.

We created a captivating website as a hub for Wholly Water’s spiritual and sustainability-focused content. The website offers an engaging user experience, sharing informative and inspirational content about water, spirituality, and environmental protection. We also developed an effective social media strategy to connect with the target demographic, increasing brand visibility and engagement. 


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